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With an estimated 800 million active users, it is no doubt

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there are people on Facebook looking for a new job, however how do you let them know you have a role for them? And is it as easy as just throwing an ad up and waiting for the responses to come in?
Well, unfortunately, no it isn’t.
It is important to note that mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all totally different to an internet job board.

With an internet job board you almost have unlimited space to write your ad and the teaser. With Facebook (and the like) you have to create the teaser and then have to direct the reader (or clicker) to somewhere to get the rest of the information. It is that re-direction and how to re-direct which is the part that complicates the process as most HR professionals are not technically savvy enough (sorry but its true) to build a landing page or even hyperlinks, and more to the point, they don’t have time.

Don’t panic, keep, reading, I will teach you how!
In addition to this, the title on a Facebook advertisement can only have 25 characters and the body has a maximum of 90, so it is less than twitter. The figure below (figure 1) is an example of a Facebook Ad
Figure 1
As can be seen from the Seek ad in figure 2 below, the ads on Seek (and other job boards) allow us to provide a whole bunch more information in comparison to the Facebook ad in figure 1.
Seek Ad
Figure 2
So, how do we advertise on Facebook?
First, you have to go to You will need to be logged in to your personal account. Then complete the form below. Make sure you select external url in the destination box.
Figure 3
For those of you who have access to your companies website and can make changes, simply build a landing page that provides more information on the role/s that you are advertising. Take the URL of that new page and insert it into the destination box.
However, for those of you who don’t have access to your web presence, here is a FREE tip . I am assuming you are still using internet job boards. If you have a role/s that you would like to take to Facebook, then use the url of the ad on that particular job board. What is a url? URL stands for Uniform Resource Allocator and it is the address the internet uses to find a page. It is easy to find. It is in the address bar of your internet browser. Assume the ad you have is a seek ad. Find it via your browser, not through your ad portal and copy all of the stuff from http:// blah blah blah onwards.
The above url is the address for the ad shown in figure 2 above. If I were to have that as the destination url in my Facebook ad, then the person who clicked on the ad will be taken to the ad on seek. From there they can find out more about the role and then apply by clicking the apply button. All done! Who needs IT :).
Then all you have to do is become creative enough in building the title and body of your Facebook ad, to attract the attention of the Facebook users, your audience.
Once you have completed this, you then are asked to build your audience. This is a critical part of the advertising process. Make sure you have a good understanding of where and what your applicants do and are. If they need to be located in the south of your state, make sure you build something in there to help Facebook know who to show the ad to. For  example, think of local football teams, or shopping centers in the area that you can use to

Facebook Audience InHouse Recruitment Group

hone in on the right audience. For example, a company in Sydney’s southern suburb of Cronulla in NSW is looking for 20 people to join them. When they post the ad on Facebook, it is a waste of time and money if people in Brisbane are seeing the ad. They can safely assume that people who follow Cronulla Sharks or follow Miranda Westfield, are probably linked to the area somehow.
After all of this, you have to build a budget which consists of a cost per click (CPC) and a daily budget. The CPC is the costs it is going to cost you each time a person clicks on the ad. It is usually a range and is dependant on the demographics you have stipulated prior to this section.
The daily budget is the total amount you want to spend per day. Facebook will pull your ad once you have reached this amount.
If you are still not confident in moving forward with advertising on Facebook, call us on +61 (2) 8005 6299 or click here and complete the Contact Form and we will be in touch asap. We will be glad to help
Author: Steve Begg, Managing Director, In-House Recruitment Group
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