Use Google to Find Candidates

Google LogoAccording to Wikipedia, 74% of people using the Internet use Google as their search engine. There are over 1 billion searches are entered into Google every day!

So if people are using it find jobs, how do we use Google to find the people looking for jobs?

You cannot so much “find” the people however you can wave a big red flag in their face saying hey look at us if they search for certain jobs, in a certain area via Google Adwords.

Google is a great tool for organisations that employ lots of the same people. For example, cleaners, sales people, trades people, blue collar staff etc.

Note: If you are looking for 1 person, then I wouldn’t suggest this as sourcing strategy. Call us and we will try and help you.

How Do We Do This?

Let’s use an example, cleaners. The first thing we have to do is find out if there are enough searches being performed on these words. To do this we use the Google Key Word Tool (click here to go to tool) which is a brilliant piece of free technology that allows you to find out how many searches are performed for particular words/phrases.

Using the Google Key Word Tool, enter in your key words or phrases (as seen below in figure 1).

 Google keywords tool

Figure 1

If there are a lot of cleaning jobs, you may want utilise the location and enter something like ” cleaning jobs sydney”. The tool will tell you the average number of searches performed globally and locally per month.

As an example, here are the local searches for cleaning jobs by capital cities.


# of searches











As we can see from the above table, there are 5400 local searches per month in sydney for cleaning jobs. If you are an organisation that employes cleaners, you need to be amongst that! More importantly, as can be seen from below, there is only one employer coming up in the search, the others are job boards.

 Google Ads - Cleaning Jobs Sydney

Figure 2

Once we have identified there is a market, we have to build the ad. Again, Google ads are small and need a destination. Please don’t just link to your website. The destination needs to be a specific page which the clicker feels is a natural extension of the Google ad.

Once you have a landing page or destination, go to Google Adwords (click here) and start the process of building your ad. You will need to be very specific on what words are your key words, and what you do not want included. For example, if we were looking for cleaners, we don’t want cleaning companies to click on the ad, so we insert that in the “Exclude Items” box.

The rest of the process gets a little sticky, so I am going to break that out into another topic. However if you cant wait for the 2nd instalment, then please call us on +61 (2) 8005 6299 or email us at and we will guide you through it.

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Author: Steve Begg, Managing Director, In-House Recruitment Group



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