Great post Tabitha.

tabitha flack

Caged Animal

You have a phone call, it’s an unlisted number. Who could this be? You answer your phone, curiosity getting the best of you: “Hello?”

“Hi, this is ____ from ____ Recruitment Agency, are you able to speak?”

Oh gosh the dreaded recruiter call, what do you do now? “Can you hold the line a sec?” If you are surrounded by colleagues I would suggest nonchalantly strolling somewhere else in the building. Preferably the broom closet if this is available. Then you fire back, “Ok I’m free to speak”.

But are you really? Part of the job selection and refining process of whittling down a short list to present to a client involves a lot of questioning. We need to find out what your skills are, where your previous experiences lie, what your strong points, and not so strong points are, what are your aspirations, and most importantly your salary expectations?…

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